Are you currently being affected by Generational or Inherited Traumas - also known as family or ancestral curses? 

After you complete the quiz above, follow the instructions below...



  • Give yourself "1" point for every "no",
  • "2" points for every "yes", and
  • "0" points for every "unsure" answer.
  • Add them up.



  • If you received 0 - 10 total points = you are mostly unlikely to be affected by generational trauma at this moment. However, it is recommended you take this quiz every 6 months. 
  • If you received 11 - 21 total points = you are moderately affected by generational trauma and should consider getting a jumpstart on the genetic detox.
  • If you received 22 - 32 total points = you are definitely affected by generational trauma and should definitely get started with the genetic detox asap!























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