About Dr. Martin


About Me

Hi! I'm Dr. Mozelle Martin, a Forensic Consultant, Trauma Therapist, and Ancient DNA nerd. During my 14 years of college, I acquired a Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology from Kaplan University, a Master's in Criminology from the University of the Rockies, a Certification in Crime Scene Investigation from SCI, and a Ph.D. in Applied Ethics from Provident University. 


I also enjoy many hobbies such as music, painting, photography, and writing. I am also passionate about environmental preservation, animal rights, and preserving historical facts. 

My Story

I was adopted at birth and raised an only child by busy entrepreneurs who were abusive alcoholics. Thankfully, my love of animals and creativity helped me through the tough times. Not only did we live in a haunted 1800s Victorian Hotel, but by the time I turned 11 years old, I had discovered several dead bodies. I consider that my professional initiation because, by the age of 13, I had my career planned out. During my detour into marriage and motherhood, I raised two children. When I escaped my abusive marriage, I endured a 10-year stalker and found out about my hidden Asperger's diagnosis. After getting over the shock and regaining my self-worth, I began college.


During my early and mid-career, I studied with some of the best schools, including the Center of Forensic Science at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, and Texas A&M University. Since then, I have contracted with several investigative agencies worldwide to teach and consult on high-profile and cold case investigations. I have also provided true crime commentaries to television and radio news outlets and was a consultant for the former Criminal Minds television show.

Mental Health

I worked as a mobile crisis therapist and sexual assault field advocate in my early career. Mid-career, I was a contracted Forensic Mental Health Professional in correctional facilities and worked as a Clinical Supervisor. Before my official retirement from the field, I served as a Clinical Director for a state-wide non-profit mental health agency.

Inherited Traumas

Being an adoptee, I was instantly drawn to DNA research and obtained five DNA tests to discover my genetics. While working with National Geographic's GENO Project, I was introduced to the power of ancient DNA and was given scientific evidence of the existence of past lives. This research also explained how we inherit traumatic experiences from our ancestors and how this inheritance can cause many problems in our lives today. I believe that most, if not all, violence and pain across the world today are unleashed inherited traumas.

In Conclusion

Since 1987, I have worked with hundreds of adults worldwide who wish to overcome their anxiety, fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, anger, and trust issues. Each individual's experiences are unique. That's why I use a customized mix of acquired skills, knowledge, and techniques to help them connect with their ancient DNA so they can disconnect from their inherited traumas. I am passionate about speaking on this topic to anyone who will listen. I also presented a TEDTalk based on my work and strive to make my lectures informative, interactive, and inspiring. 

Finally, I have authored several books, including my autobiography, The Initiation, a forensic book series called The Housecall Analyst, and dozens more.

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